Welcome to the SecondSun webpage!

We are a young team developing a smart lighting device for growing plants faster and more efficient.

What does our product do?

What if we tell you there is a way to improve and manipulate thegrowing process of a plant? For example to grow faster,higher or wider, or carry more crops?

The growing process of a plant is easily fine tuned or manipulated by giving a plant the right “color and dose” of light. In other words … light does not equal light. It is a more complex factor for a plant as you suspect. What we want to distribute to your plant with our product is a synthesized version of light, like moonlight or sunlight or everything in between – with our words: exactly the light your plant Needs.

Who are we addressing?

Our product fits right into our era of time. We are facing a more complex and diverse society as never before. With our product we are connecting with hobby gardeners, experimentalists, self-supporters and many more.

Symplifiying the complexity …

So what do you need to do to get a perfect harvest?

All you Need to do is putting our lamp right in place, pull out your smarthpone and choose a customized or exactly the right program that fits for your plant. Done.

Our lighting module distributes the perfect dose and spectrum of light to your plant. Easy.